Using a Recruiter in Your Job Search

What is a recruiter?

A recruiter, also referred to as a “headhunter”, is contracted by a company to fill a position and are compensated only if they place a candidate in that position.  Recruiters also help candidates with their resumes and coach them through the interview process.

What are the benefits to working with a recruiter for your job search?

1. Discrete Job Search.  Often times people will be looking for a new job while currently working at a company. Posting resumes on-line can be a risky move if you don’t want your employer to know that you’re actively looking for another position.  A recruiter provides a level of confidentiality to your job search and always uses discretion when working with clients.

2. Saves Time.  When you work with a highly qualified recruiting agency, such as Full Cycle Recruiting, you’ll likely spend less time applying and interviewing for jobs that aren’t what you are really looking for.  A recruiter can help you target your search to find a position that truly matches your career goals.

3. Access to More Jobs.  Using a recruiter can be beneficial by broadening the amount of positions that are available to you. Quite often job positions are not posted publicly and only recruiters have access to the information.  Recruiters have deep knowledge about the positions they are filling and they can help assess your skills and determine if you are a right fit for a career or role you may not have considered previously.

4. Better Salary and Benefits. A recruiter will often negotiate on your behalf when the process gets to the offer stage.  Recruiters will often represent companies that offer higher-paying jobs or companies that have searched for months on their own for highly qualified candidates. Having someone in your corner throughout all of the different stages in your job search will only be beneficial to you.

5,  Access to More Information. When you find a job opening on your own it is very rare that important information such as salary details are included. This information is usually only shared if you were to get to the offer stages.  However, if you work with a recruiter, they will have all of the job details, including salary information and workplace details and you are better equipped to decide if the position is in line with your expectations and needs.

If you would like to learn more about Full Cycle Recruiting and how we can help you with your career search, please visit our website at or contact Krysta Meyer at or 616.277.1489


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